Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the visitors and passers-by. May 2011 be full of good luck and great new ideas!


Matroshka | the Russian nesting dolls concept

coined by Sara Remnerth, Anna Thorseaus, Anna Fossane, and Magnus Gustavsson

Most of us are familiar with the Russian Matroshka (or Matryoshka) dolls that fit into each other from smallest to biggest. For the Matroshka concept, the designers took the same idea and applied it to furniture: Inside 4 square meters, they managed to fit an L-shaped sofa, double bed, dinner table, 4 stools, total seating for 12, home office workspace, wardrobe and  storage.

This piece of furniture can save you a lot of space specially when you pull the double-bed under the desk and transform it into a couch making room enough to host a nice gathering in your little room.


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The designers are looking for producers and business co-operators so if you are interested contact them at matroshka@live.se

visit the site Matroshka

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Kenchikukagu | folding furniture on-the-go

coined by Toshihiko Suzuki from Atelier OPA

Need to pack-it-up and move swiftly  to another room? This self-contained cubicle system designed by Toshihiko Suzuki from Atelier OPA allows you to move in no time not only your workstation but also your bed or your kitchen unit. The concept focuses on the movability of the three most used units apart from the living room: the kitchen, the office, and the bedroom.


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These cases are mounted on casters and equipped with built-in LED lights and power blocks. They are cleverly designed to fit shelves, drawers, worktops, and even a chair to maximize the usability of every box.

The company is manufacturing these units at a factory in Shanghai, China. For around $7,500 the office case can be yours and you can buy it at http://www.atelier-opa.com/kenchikukagu/kk-e/buy-foffice.html


visit the site Atelier OPA

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Casulo | a concept for mobile living

coined by Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser

A whole room in a box.

As a part of the dissertation of Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser at the Köln International School of Design, comes this inventive eye-opening concept.

According to the designers, mobility is at the heart of tomorrow’s lifestyles; and our traditional way of looking at furniture and using it, can soon become an obstacle in the face of our freedom.

As a proposed solution to that problem, the designers imagined a whole bedroom furniture that can be made to fit in a 80 cm x 120 cm box! No assembly tools and no extra shell for the package is needed. Just 10 minutes of your time and a furniture dolly will get you to move a closet, a desk, a height-adjustable stool, two more stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress, anywhere you want.


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According to the website, this concept is particularly ideal for the short stays often required in the rent market, where it can be part of a service for providing quick and easy to use furniture for unfurnished apartments.


The concept is equally interesting on the detail level. Check it out here Casulo details.

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